Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up

I don’t know now where should I begin,
I just know that now the thread’s too thin.
Past tells me I could have been better.
Let go of few things… held others tighter.
There’re no words to show my regret.
But I just can’t let it end here yet.
So You should know…….

 We get one life, oh baby, let’s not give up.
Keep holding on, my lady, I ain’t gonna stop.
We still got love, so hear me, let’s not give up,
I need you, and you need me, so I ain’t gonna stop.

 I know it was hard to live those times,
For I had done the worst of crimes.
I was there yet still away
There’s a lot now I wanna say,
Come hold my hands and just hear it all,
I can’t lose hope, Can’t let us fall,
So just hear me now…..

 We get one life, oh baby, let’s not give up.
Keep holding on, my lady, I ain’t gonna stop.
We still got love, so hear me, let’s not give up,
I need you, and you need me, so I ain’t gonna stop.

 My words have come to an end, I just can’t pretend now.
My eyes can’t hold it in, but I can’t give in now.
You know, Oh baby, you don’t know what you mean to me.
So what we can’t hold each other, at least we can see.
We are so great, together, you got to see.
I know you do, come with me… let’s be free…

We get one life, oh baby, let’s light it up.
I won’t ask more, don’t leave me, I won’t hold up.
We still got love, my lady, I ain’t gonna stop.
There’s just one life, so baby, let’s not give up.

Just don’t give up.

The Rainbow Smile

The Rainbow Smile

I know… It’s Time…
It’s time to make you know…
You see… For life…
I know myself you know…

I dreamt of it last night; I don’t know of delight.
My mind’s now alright; I had lost myself.
Feeling is but true; I hate the words so few.
But when I think of you… I say to myself.

The Rainbow Smiles, I claim no lies…
My life had wheels, they turned on me.
The Sun that glows, the Wind that Blows;
I seem now they don’t seem to me…

Thought is all my choice to go with the voice…
Even in the noise, I know I’d find you.
Times I know I’m right, but this time I can’t deny.
I know what I’d find… When I meet you…

The Rainbow Smiles, yet again it shines…
I know now it is up to me.
My one last mile is to make you smile,
For I am you and You are me.

I tell my words don’t lie, I’d sing what I can find,
My heart to the divine, “I won’t leave you”.
But songs don’t justify, what I have in mind,
I think I’d simplify, That I need you.

Fate is all I trust, I should do what is must…
I think I’d say it just… Yes I love you.

The Rainbow Smiles, in the night it shines,
Now I know the truth in me.

The Rainbow Smile, is my life…
My one last mile is You and Me…

Angel (Dedicated to Miss. Arushi Jain)

Angel (Dedicated to Miss. Arushi Jain)

While grabbing my warm cup of tea,
Each morning I think incessantly;
That there’s someone who will always be mine.
And yes, I am also hers altogether,
The moments we shared will live forever;
But there’s more to come, much more in the box of

And yes, I always want her to know,
That there’s so much to tell, so much to know;
One last thing that always holds in this rhyme…
I’m yours and you are mine.

And yes, we fight like a pack of wolves,
But a pack still, know not the fools;
At the end of the day, Everything’s always fine…
I don’t know what’s the trick for her,
But for me it’s just a simple stir;
It’s the sight of her cute idiotic smile.

We’ve all the time to fight forever
This cycle isn’t gonna stop ever
Cause we’d make up for it over a glass of wine….
For I’m yours and You’re mine.

When I’m with you I feel like the king of the world.
When I’m with you it always seems, I have it all.
When you are there I always lose the track of time;
But it’s okay… but it’s fine…
For I’m yours and you are mine.

Agnostic as I’d always been,
I hope I’m wrong completely;
When I would finally meet the God… divine…
I’d tell him how I’m ever indebted,
For letting me meet the one I’d met;
Not once not twice I’d thank him a thousand times.

Yes, I now believe in angels,
In legends and stories like ‘Ross and Rachel”s;
I’ve found the one who’ll ever be my valentine…
For I’m yours and you are mine.
When you go away I feel so lonely,
I need you forever, and you only;
You are my heart, you are my lifeline.
In this life and the ones that’re after,
All that means to me is your smile and laughter;
I’d play this song even when you’re 99…
For I’m yours and you’re mine.

To Seek Salvation

To Seek Salvation

Creation provokes nature,
Nature promises much more,
The powers are held in nurture,
Defiled yet to the core.
Life offers, Work to attain it.
The soul suffers, pray to retain it.
Ability is not a triumph.
It is a hoax that belittles righteousness.
The truth is need.
It’s the alibi for creation,
A memento of lie,
An eternal retribution.
Reticence is not a conscious offence.
We tend to like surprises.
But the grief is in the nonchalance,
And the lie with many ‘guises.

So, what is the lie?
What was it so harsh and rude?
Is it that of the hope, that of love.
Or one that’s never been reviewed?
Today, a man’s destination Is his destiny.
What an ideal life that would be!
To seek the stars and here they fall,
To seek eternity and get to see all.
Times come by, people want salvation.
Some to its name and some to its fame,
Together form an eternal motion.
Never to see what they desire,
Never to see the peak.
For it Is a price very meek,
It Is one that none can ever Seek.

Forever Shall it Reign

Forever Shall it Reign

Forever shall it reign,
The majesty of Stillness.
The guidance shall we put to test.
In the deliverance, we may take no rest.
That even the stars gaze and call,
‘What is Stillness?’
That the Universe may gaze and call,
‘What is Stillness?’
But what is Stillness?

The answers they seek they shall never find.
For the answers are instilled by the divine,
Inside of their own existence,
Inside of their own creation.

The answers illuminate yet are not illuminants,
For darkness has Still and Still has light.
The Cycle shall be seen again.
The Cycle of Stillness, that of the Universe.
The light shall be doomed to darkness,
The darkness shall form the eternal Exile.
But the Exile must end.
And the end shall be brought by a new beginning,
A new light.
And this light is not of Stillness,
yet emerges for it.
For the light is the one not seen,
The one not shown.

There is no end for there was no beginning,
The end brought by change.
This is eternal Stillness.
Hidden in the ‘was’, the ‘is’ and the ‘will be’,
The one without an end, without a change,
The majesty of Stillness,
Forever shall it reign.

The End Of The Change

The End Of The Change

They climb atop
The Hills of time,
To see the distant view,
Of clarity sublime.
Of orders, reborn.
And civilisations asunder,
With dreams fickle as husks of corn.

“The foes of Kronos
Shall perish with him,
Replaced by sweet Stillness
The end of the change.”

A universe ravaged by
Scores of stars,
Will soon depart
In endless gloom,
Like outward Mars.
Galacta of old,
Hear her speak,
Her words engraved in gold.

“The foes of Kronos
Shall perish with him,
Replaced by sweet Stillness
The end of the change.”

“Await, in the world forgone”
Says she who knows;
“Awake, to the crisp of dawn”
In the starless night of late.
To entropy, we shall pray,
May he deliver us from our fate.

“The foes of Kronos
Shall perish with him,
Replaced by sweet Stillness
The end is the change.”

Freckles of Love

Freckles of Love

Another morning came by,
My friends loitering around.
Faked the perfect sleep,
Interrupted by their sound.
Couldn’t dare to nap.
Fear the dreams, I always will.
‘Look in my dreams and you shall find,
Freckles of Love, Still.’
Confused at work thereafter,
Mixing up in directions.
I want to tell their laughter,
It is not the brain that malfunctions.
Enraged when they called a shrink,
Got me that depression pill.
‘Look in my brain and you shall find,
Freckles of Love, Still.’
My vision’s sometimes distracted,
I look to the ceiling and the walls.
Snapped back by waving hands,
Or sometimes texts or calls.
A diverted attention gets rage,
Cursed in voices so darn shrill.
‘Look in my eyes and you shall find,
Freckles of Love, Still.’
A heart within my chest
Pains more with every beat.
How can something hurt so much,
Protected by that thick sheet?
My palm frequently clutches my chest,
Traversing my spine, a chill.
It is not a hole that can end me,
It is worse than what can kill.
Look in my heart, and you shall find
Freckles of love, still.
It was weak to start with,
It was always going downhill.
‘My ‘love’ was never mine’,
That’ll be the only phrase in my will.
But even then, if you don’t believe,
If you have blanks to fill…
Just look in my ashes… And you shall find,
Freckles of Love, Still…

Smile and Laughter

Smile and Laughter

My friends stood at the door,
Being the usual hooligans.
Yet, ever innovative,
With new sarcasms and puns.

I laughed and laughed out loud;
A cycle which repeats the same.
Recovered when one of us all
Cracked a joke very lame.

Silence overtook the giggles,
It was though gonna be more fun.
We collected all our nickels;
The day’s adventure had begun.

We rode across the city,
With fancy scenes and a tan.
The all-seeing vigour helped us,
To map the blocks without a plan.

Aimlessness being our passion,
Direction not our trend.
‘There shouldn’t be a destination,
The journey should never end.’
Pulling on each others’ legs,
Being both stupid and wise.
The day had seemingly ended,
But we could barely realise.

Energised to the core,
We throttled back to my place.
Who can actually refute
That the night is the best phase.

We always kept ‘sober’,
In its most literal sense.
Though, no detox could fix us.
Our ‘high’ was immune to cleanse.

Slapsticks from the past
Kept us light all night.
Jumpscares from classic horrors,
Added the much needed fright.

The day ended with the sun,
Saluting the dawn we went to sleep.
Waking up was never a good feeling,
Loneliness prevailed after the leap.

Yes they had already left.
I lay alone on the bed.
It seemed as if the joy was gone;
Very much like I was dead.

Many a year thence.
Scirbbling away with my pen.
Recalling times with the boys,
Who now have become men.

Remembering queries forgotten,
Within the memory hike.
Why are smiles different?
Isn’t the emotion alike?

We could never see it coming.
The end was ought to arrive.
The laughters became eternal,
Made me feel more alive.

I do this every other day-
Going down the memory trace.
Howsoever bad is any day,
A smile always covers my face.

I know now after travelling
Lonely, Sleepless miles-
A day’s worth of laughter,
Can bring a life worth of smiles.