I know… It’s Time…
It’s time to make you know…
You see… For life…
I know myself you know…

I dreamt of it last night; I don’t know of delight.
My mind’s now alright; I had lost myself.
Feeling is but true; I hate the words so few.
But when I think of you… I say to myself.

The Rainbow Smiles, I claim no lies…
My life had wheels, they turned on me.
The Sun that glows, the Wind that Blows;
I seem now they don’t seem to me…

Thought is all my choice to go with the voice…
Even in the noise, I know I’d find you.
Times I know I’m right, but this time I can’t deny.
I know what I’d find… When I meet you…

The Rainbow Smiles, yet again it shines…
I know now it is up to me.
My one last mile is to make you smile,
For I am you and You are me.

I tell my words don’t lie, I’d sing what I can find,
My heart to the divine, “I won’t leave you”.
But songs don’t justify, what I have in mind,
I think I’d simplify, That I need you.

Fate is all I trust, I should do what is must…
I think I’d say it just… Yes I love you.

The Rainbow Smiles, in the night it shines,
Now I know the truth in me.

The Rainbow Smile, is my life…
My one last mile is You and Me…

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