Forever shall it reign,
The majesty of Stillness.
The guidance shall we put to test.
In the deliverance, we may take no rest.
That even the stars gaze and call,
‘What is Stillness?’
That the Universe may gaze and call,
‘What is Stillness?’
But what is Stillness?

The answers they seek they shall never find.
For the answers are instilled by the divine,
Inside of their own existence,
Inside of their own creation.

The answers illuminate yet are not illuminants,
For darkness has Still and Still has light.
The Cycle shall be seen again.
The Cycle of Stillness, that of the Universe.
The light shall be doomed to darkness,
The darkness shall form the eternal Exile.
But the Exile must end.
And the end shall be brought by a new beginning,
A new light.
And this light is not of Stillness,
yet emerges for it.
For the light is the one not seen,
The one not shown.

There is no end for there was no beginning,
The end brought by change.
This is eternal Stillness.
Hidden in the ‘was’, the ‘is’ and the ‘will be’,
The one without an end, without a change,
The majesty of Stillness,
Forever shall it reign.

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