Creation provokes nature,
Nature promises much more,
The powers are held in nurture,
Defiled yet to the core.
Life offers, Work to attain it.
The soul suffers, pray to retain it.
Ability is not a triumph.
It is a hoax that belittles righteousness.
The truth is need.
It’s the alibi for creation,
A memento of lie,
An eternal retribution.
Reticence is not a conscious offence.
We tend to like surprises.
But the grief is in the nonchalance,
And the lie with many ‘guises.

So, what is the lie?
What was it so harsh and rude?
Is it that of the hope, that of love.
Or one that’s never been reviewed?
Today, a man’s destination Is his destiny.
What an ideal life that would be!
To seek the stars and here they fall,
To seek eternity and get to see all.
Times come by, people want salvation.
Some to its name and some to its fame,
Together form an eternal motion.
Never to see what they desire,
Never to see the peak.
For it Is a price very meek,
It Is one that none can ever Seek.

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