While grabbing my warm cup of tea,
Each morning I think incessantly;
That there’s someone who will always be mine.
And yes, I am also hers altogether,
The moments we shared will live forever;
But there’s more to come, much more in the box of

And yes, I always want her to know,
That there’s so much to tell, so much to know;
One last thing that always holds in this rhyme…
I’m yours and you are mine.

And yes, we fight like a pack of wolves,
But a pack still, know not the fools;
At the end of the day, Everything’s always fine…
I don’t know what’s the trick for her,
But for me it’s just a simple stir;
It’s the sight of her cute idiotic smile.

We’ve all the time to fight forever
This cycle isn’t gonna stop ever
Cause we’d make up for it over a glass of wine….
For I’m yours and You’re mine.

When I’m with you I feel like the king of the world.
When I’m with you it always seems, I have it all.
When you are there I always lose the track of time;
But it’s okay… but it’s fine…
For I’m yours and you are mine.

Agnostic as I’d always been,
I hope I’m wrong completely;
When I would finally meet the God… divine…
I’d tell him how I’m ever indebted,
For letting me meet the one I’d met;
Not once not twice I’d thank him a thousand times.

Yes, I now believe in angels,
In legends and stories like ‘Ross and Rachel”s;
I’ve found the one who’ll ever be my valentine…
For I’m yours and you are mine.
When you go away I feel so lonely,
I need you forever, and you only;
You are my heart, you are my lifeline.
In this life and the ones that’re after,
All that means to me is your smile and laughter;
I’d play this song even when you’re 99…
For I’m yours and you’re mine.

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