1. Love You Amazon- A Song Dedicated to the Largest Bookstore in the World

  2. Roars of the Immortal (Dedicated to the martyrs of Pulwama)

  3. To Make Love

  4. Make A Wish

  5. Shadows

  6. The Seven Ages of a Woman

  7. Angel (Dedicated to Miss Arushi Jain)

  8. Smile and Laughter.

  9. Freckles of Love.

  10. The End Of The Change

  11. Forever Shall It Reign.

  12. To Seek Salvation.

  13. Let Them Burn.

  14. Tears of Eternity.

  15. The Mirrors… The Shadows.

  16. The Rainbow Smile.

  17. Don’t Give Up.

  18. Dying Alone.

  19. The Ballad Of Teenage Love.

  20. The Road To Atlantis.

  21. Welcome to the place called India.

  22. A Love Lost Across Continents