The Seven Ages of a Woman

The Seven Ages of a Woman
With Joy amidst the mewling,
The bloodied cloth unfurled.
A sorrow began unspooling,
When she said… ‘It’s a girl’.
It was but their worst fear;
Claimed as ‘Curse of a demon’.
The options were ever clear,
‘Either a Boy… or a Burden…’
Silently in a noisy gloom,
It was now about acceptance;
They were all back home soon;
And then began their penance.
Raised in a so-called ‘palace’;
Material formed the illusion,
No… she wasn’t a princess;
The ‘palace’ became her prison.
Then came the adolescence;
And the innocent young soul,
Getting nothing but ignorance
From ‘Society’ as a whole.
School began her struggle;
Alone she walked that road.
Be it achievement or trouble,
Barely she got any support.
Even the little freedom she had,
Soon was rendered dead.
She hadn’t done anything bad,
But, for the first time, she had bled.
Slowly, Gracefully and Poised,
Forced to walk a given route;
Silenced at expressing choice,
She grew up to be a mute.
Barely pulling the anchor,
She completed her basic education.
Whether it was love or anger,
She had concealed all emotion.
Soon they could no longer tolerate
The weight of the ‘ever-growing’ burden.
So they found a robotic mate,
Whose family demanded a huge ransom.
It is a traditional societal construct,
Whenever there is a transfer of burden;
They were just selling a product,
The one they called their son.
Marital Life seemed different,
She regained the ability to dream.
But that dream was just apparent,
Short-Lived and not as it seemed.
That joy came from maternity,
When she started carrying a life.
She was only serving her destiny,
As the machine he called his wife.
Then came the judgement day,
And all her dreams were torn.
Fortune, for her, had lost its way,
Yet again… a girl was born.
She could never hope to be forgiven,
After having done that dreadful deed.
Thus, she was left forever forsaken,
For lending her womb to a female seed.
Then began the maternal damnation,
Trapped in the hopeless cave;
She still served them with conviction,
Just as that of a slave.
With Bones brittle but spirit alive,
She lent her service tirelessly.
Only used as means to thrive,
Otherwise abandoned helplessly.
The cycle of abandonment came to an end,
When her service became futile.
To a community home she was sent,
And found rest only in exile.
Sans teeth, Sans strength, Sans Sanity,
Dwelling in her long-lost dreams.
Sans friends, Sans love, Sans family,
She dreamt how it could’ve been.
Different would be her journey,
Plethora she could’ve obtained.
She could’ve reached beyond infinity,
If her wings were not contained.
The Kindle slowly fading within,
Devoid of all observers;
Her spirit once and finally gave in,
As she exclaimed her final words-
“I accept the crude reality,
Of what we cannot and what we can;
It’s a perdition enforced naturally,
To be a Woman in the world of Man.”

Roars of the Immortal (Dedicated to the martyrs of Pulwama)

Roars of the Immortal (Dedicated to the martyrs of Pulwama)

A nation that sleeps serene,
Unburdened by persisting turmoil;
For the burden lies unseen,
On the knights that guard our soil.
Serving the country selflessly,
Miles away from their own;
It is seldom that they get to see,
In only dreams they recall their homes.
But that dream couldn’t be true,
For the forty-four bravehearts;
Their reunion was yet due,
When their voyage was broken apart.
Unarmed, en route their nativity,
Mercilessly drenched in fire;
Their deaths don’t seek your pity,
Don’t need your whims and satire.
What they need is our hands united,
Disregarding faith, caste and region;
It is time to stay undivided,
For terror has no religion.
It is time to subside our fear,
And turn the defensive page;
To make the global corners hear,
Trebbles of the Indian rage.
Let’s face the faces of terror,
With the advocates and the pawns;
It isn’t time to show them a mirror,
It is the advent of a new dawn.
Those tyrants full of cowardice,
Let’s grab them by their heads;
And Look straight into their eyes,
And narrate a truth undead-
“If you think you can stand tall,
By daring to hurt even one;
Let us make you recall,
Behind him stand a billion.”

Welcome to the place called ‘India’

Welcome to the place called ‘India’

Welcome to the place called ‘India’;
A Nation so simple yet witty.
Beneath the yogic and cultural trivia,
Lies the land of an endless reverie.

The Bay, the Sea, The Ocean,
The Rivers, The Deserts and The Mountains;
Enclose the majestic nation,
Like a fort without an entrance.

So what’s there amidst the fort,
Beyond the Mantras and Snake-Charmers?
Many a muddy and barbaric sport?
Just a land of poor farmers?

A nation young and tender,
For the Global Scavengers Squealing.
Even with resources so slender,
It broke the Titanium Ceiling.

Innovating, Improvising and Creating,
Wonders for the world to see;
Across each and every domain and wing,
Of Business, Science and Technology.

The Great Granary of the World,
With a history of renowned philanthropists;
Where the military knights doth whirled,
And the Scientists bordering on Alchemists.

We Run and Lead the entire globe,
But we just don’t like to brag.
Look up and you would easily know,
Even the Universe dons our flag.

Our train to future has joined the race,
Even though we could start much after.
So what if it has a slow pace?
The acceleration is much faster.

Yet we give a shout to abyss,
Predominant humility in every iota;
With palms joint and a joyful bliss-
“Welcome to the place called India.”

The Road To Atlantis

The Road To Atlantis

Behold! The World of Imagination,
A Universe larger and much bolder.
It’s all true, not mere fiction,
Even though it never gets older.

Magic and Technology sit in the rule,
Bravery and Sentiment engulf all hearts;
Music redefines moments so cool,
Everyone perfectly plays their parts.

From Gondor to Gotham, Narnia to Westeros,
The immortal Manhattan and the mighty Thanos;
Lit the Light Saber and hurled the Elder Wand,
Came a subtle voice, ‘It’s Bond, James Bond’.

Flash and Quicksilver have a speeding bout,
Goku raises two fingers and Thor laughs out loud;
Katniss and Hawkeye form a tag team,
While Harley is busy applying her face cream.

Vibranium, Adamantium and Valyrian Steel,
Kal-El and Banner with an incessant zeal;
Descending with a Gauntlet to conduct the test,
It was indeed ‘The War of The Best’.

300 bold face the Dorthraki in battle,
Seeing all this, Jar Jar begins to babble;
“Yousa know what’s more funny than a war?
A conversation between Groot and Hodor.”

When Jack Sparrow encounters Spiderman,
He realises he was looking for Peter Pan;
Electro on his side, he thought he’d won,
There came the wrath of God Poseidon.

Amidst all these heroes so well-famed,
Came he who must not be named.
Accompanying him, an Omnipotent Invader,
Within a cloud of smoke, stood Lord Vader.

Whenever asked about his identity,
He only replied with the letter ‘V’;
Like the bald Assassin encoded with a number,
It was indeed the ‘Fifth of November’.

War almost over in the world of Fiction,
With tribes of Heroes having almost won;
Darkness stoops to the realm of desperation,
And Death Star fires its demonic cannon.

The razing infernos of Drogon and Smaug,
Fumed the evil and the notorious;
Decided after the fading of the smog,
The heroes surprisingly emerged victorious.

Gandalf and Dumbledore stood undamaged,
And Bilbo uttered- “Mischief Managed”.
Folding back its turns and bends,
The Road to Atlantis never ends.

The Ballad of Teenage Love

The Ballad of Teenage Love

Bright, blue and alone,
I lay in my wayward bed;
Recalling times past and gone.
The eyes… the insomniac red.
There I pick up the phone,
There the voice so heavenly.
I start in a wishful tone
“Memories never keep you lonely.”

“Life couldn’t be stranger!”
The words which came to my lips.
“I thought I was a lone ranger,
Now her number is on my finger-tips.”
I recalled when it all started
Like a romantic Young and Tender.
I got up and humbly stated
“It was the Third of November.”

The majestic festival of lights,
It made me very keen.
I guess I had ample rights;
As such the intent was clean.
Thus, I left a greeting message.
Unexpected was the reply.
So there I mustered the courage,
“I don’t talk to girls, but let’s try.”

Soon came the fateful day,
When I heard that beautiful voice.
My conscious lost its way;
It had but no other choice.
The talks became a regularity,
With them I soon evolved.
I felt there was some parity,
Some equation unsolved.

There was that sweet innocence,
The loneliness deep within;
A necessary nonchalance
Held by walls so very thin.
I’d known your need to express;
Your need to break those walls.
Although you spoke very less,
It was the best phase of those calls.

Soon I then realized.
I startled in all of hush.
It came as a real surprise
When I told you about the ‘crush’.
Then you soon reciprocated
On that cold winter night.
But I am really ill-fated
For my sister’s cameo was a fright.

I left thoughts outstanding,
Feelings partially conveyed.
For my ignorance withstanding
Had my exuberance fully razed.
The worst mistake of my life
Was not to continue that conversation.
I still regret my inner strife
For the advent of the ‘innocent’ was a bad sensation.

Three weeks of social isolation
Brought this curse upon me.
It was obviously an idiotic decision
So I accepted my fate solemnly.
But you suddenly called one day
And with that voice of an angel
“I missed you” is what you say
And put me in a life-threatening danger.

For my heart had nearly stopped,
My arms and feet all numb.
I believe I could’ve hopped
But I stood there all so dumb.
I still couldn’t openly tell
About the song I wrote for you.
I sang it in the school farewell,
Though the context touched a very few.

It encircled the colorful laughter
Trapped in my brain, in a file.
But had been expressed thereafter
Christened as ‘The Rainbow Smile’.
Then came your birthday.
My schedule was a little tight.
Chemistry was like my doomsday
Yet I called at twelve in the night.

So came the voice again,
Held my words in a clutch.
I was bound in a formal chain.
Her day demanded at least this much.
My shattered hope revived
When you wrote that poem for me.
“I have somehow survived
But this can’t go on for eternity.”

I planned my trip to your city,
But sadly you broke your hand.
I was fully dissolved in pity
And I had to cancel my plan.

So I lay in my wayward bed.
Months have gone by now,
Words I wish I’d said
Or could still say… somehow.
I got up as for a battle.
Like a Spartan ready to brawl.
“This time I won’t just babble.
I would say… Say it all.”

I sent a message very long
Ignoring opposition within.
“This time there won’t be any song.
Simple and Honest… Or Nothing.”
In short I said ‘I love you’
And there you pondered confirming.
“Yes I said I love you”
The shortened form of the affirming.

I took a heavy sigh
Like tons were off my chest.
I didn’t seek a reply.
Expression itself was a test.
I don’t seek your love,
For it is all yours to give.
I don’t seek your time,
You have your life to live.

Being you is difficult
I really do understand.
I won’t be the stereotypical
Rather lend you a helping hand.

This is a story in rhyme.
I won’t call it a love poem.
For ‘Love knows no binds’
Said by… an intelligent someone.

Rest of it you already know
So Yes I hereby finally conclude.
“Whatever I am, wherever I go…
I can just say… I’d always Love You.”

Dying Alone

Dying Alone

I’m feeling like I am dying alone,
Crying over the memories long gone;
But the darkness around me is crawling over.
Yet I’m gonna live till the dawn.

The righteousness when it goes down,
For it I may smile I may frown,
‘Cause the fire in my heart is getting colder,
I’m ripped from inside but I can go more further.

I’m here waiting for the one,
who owns my life and makes it fun;
I’m so lonely dying over and over,
The faintness inside can be no closer.
I can’t take anymore I’m done.

My love’s erased…
This is what I have chased.
But this time,
Don’t halt;
Seeing what I have faced.

The gentleness that I shall see,
Is what I want forever to be;
The clear skies will recall,
‘Is it My heart that shall fall?’

When time goes by I can be no older,
I still seek what I want,
Life is yet not over.
I’m so lonely dying over and over,
The faintness inside can be no closer.
I can’t take anymore I’m done.

My love’s erased..
This is what I have chased.
But this time,
Don’t halt;
Seeing what I have faced.

‘Cause I’m feeling like I’m dying alone.
‘Cause I’m feeling like I’m dying alone.

Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up

I don’t know now where should I begin,
I just know that now the thread’s too thin.
Past tells me I could have been better.
Let go of few things… held others tighter.
There’re no words to show my regret.
But I just can’t let it end here yet.
So You should know…….

 We get one life, oh baby, let’s not give up.
Keep holding on, my lady, I ain’t gonna stop.
We still got love, so hear me, let’s not give up,
I need you, and you need me, so I ain’t gonna stop.

 I know it was hard to live those times,
For I had done the worst of crimes.
I was there yet still away
There’s a lot now I wanna say,
Come hold my hands and just hear it all,
I can’t lose hope, Can’t let us fall,
So just hear me now…..

 We get one life, oh baby, let’s not give up.
Keep holding on, my lady, I ain’t gonna stop.
We still got love, so hear me, let’s not give up,
I need you, and you need me, so I ain’t gonna stop.

 My words have come to an end, I just can’t pretend now.
My eyes can’t hold it in, but I can’t give in now.
You know, Oh baby, you don’t know what you mean to me.
So what we can’t hold each other, at least we can see.
We are so great, together, you got to see.
I know you do, come with me… let’s be free…

We get one life, oh baby, let’s light it up.
I won’t ask more, don’t leave me, I won’t hold up.
We still got love, my lady, I ain’t gonna stop.
There’s just one life, so baby, let’s not give up.

Just don’t give up.

The Rainbow Smile

The Rainbow Smile

I know… It’s Time…
It’s time to make you know…
You see… For life…
I know myself you know…

I dreamt of it last night; I don’t know of delight.
My mind’s now alright; I had lost myself.
Feeling is but true; I hate the words so few.
But when I think of you… I say to myself.

The Rainbow Smiles, I claim no lies…
My life had wheels, they turned on me.
The Sun that glows, the Wind that Blows;
I seem now they don’t seem to me…

Thought is all my choice to go with the voice…
Even in the noise, I know I’d find you.
Times I know I’m right, but this time I can’t deny.
I know what I’d find… When I meet you…

The Rainbow Smiles, yet again it shines…
I know now it is up to me.
My one last mile is to make you smile,
For I am you and You are me.

I tell my words don’t lie, I’d sing what I can find,
My heart to the divine, “I won’t leave you”.
But songs don’t justify, what I have in mind,
I think I’d simplify, That I need you.

Fate is all I trust, I should do what is must…
I think I’d say it just… Yes I love you.

The Rainbow Smiles, in the night it shines,
Now I know the truth in me.

The Rainbow Smile, is my life…
My one last mile is You and Me…

Angel (Dedicated to Miss. Arushi Jain)

Angel (Dedicated to Miss. Arushi Jain)

While grabbing my warm cup of tea,
Each morning I think incessantly;
That there’s someone who will always be mine.
And yes, I am also hers altogether,
The moments we shared will live forever;
But there’s more to come, much more in the box of

And yes, I always want her to know,
That there’s so much to tell, so much to know;
One last thing that always holds in this rhyme…
I’m yours and you are mine.

And yes, we fight like a pack of wolves,
But a pack still, know not the fools;
At the end of the day, Everything’s always fine…
I don’t know what’s the trick for her,
But for me it’s just a simple stir;
It’s the sight of her cute idiotic smile.

We’ve all the time to fight forever
This cycle isn’t gonna stop ever
Cause we’d make up for it over a glass of wine….
For I’m yours and You’re mine.

When I’m with you I feel like the king of the world.
When I’m with you it always seems, I have it all.
When you are there I always lose the track of time;
But it’s okay… but it’s fine…
For I’m yours and you are mine.

Agnostic as I’d always been,
I hope I’m wrong completely;
When I would finally meet the God… divine…
I’d tell him how I’m ever indebted,
For letting me meet the one I’d met;
Not once not twice I’d thank him a thousand times.

Yes, I now believe in angels,
In legends and stories like ‘Ross and Rachel”s;
I’ve found the one who’ll ever be my valentine…
For I’m yours and you are mine.
When you go away I feel so lonely,
I need you forever, and you only;
You are my heart, you are my lifeline.
In this life and the ones that’re after,
All that means to me is your smile and laughter;
I’d play this song even when you’re 99…
For I’m yours and you’re mine.

Let Them Burn

Let Them Burn

When the axioms were all blue but all be gone.
It was dark in time; Fidelity had yet not formed.

When time’s across a distance all apart;
It is all just wailing.
We fall on the holy earth and depart;
The faith all trailing.

The creator, the forgiver,
We pray thee in our minds.
Absolve us of the gallows,
Galacta has us in binds.

We raise our hands held all too still;
From her shall we learn.
That faith acquaints us not to kill,
Just let them burn!

Time halts for the time when they shall rise;
Krikos, the inferno to nature’s demise.

In flesh Kronos shall ‘guise again;
What’s said is done.
We will fight and we shall bear the pain;
Till we have won.

It’s war, it’s destruction.
It is the eternal wrath.
But we want salvation
Galacta shows us the path.
We raise our hands held all too still;
From her shall we learn,
That faith acquaints us not to kill,
But to let them burn!