The Idiosyncrasies of Life (2019)

‘The Idiosyncrasies of Life’, as the name suggests, compiles certain unforgettably strange as well as prominent experiences, imaginations and observations of mine in the form of rhymes, songs, essays and stories. The feelings of dissent, approval, frustration, helplessness, admiration and love are all extremely overwhelming as well as delicate; therefore, they always incite the most honest and raw forms of expressiveness in any given person. In my case, it has erratically switched from poetry to narrations to random scribbles. Travelling thousands of miles and meeting thousands of culturally-diversified people, I realised that no matter how different we are, at the end of the day there is a latent coherence in all our stories. I want to comprehend that coherence and perhaps help you do the same. I hope you appreciate my honesty.

Last but not least, I do not aim to offend any sect, culture, race, community, caste, gender, creed, region, Etcetera. I don’t believe in any man-made disparities and my judgement is completely based on my opinion of what I perceive as right or wrong. Hope you have a nice read.

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