The Voices of Silence (2020)

Silence has always been looked down upon as an indicator of weakness or retreat. The World today is constantly clamouring and reverberating with an endless noise; and in this noisy world, Silence is not a retreat… it is an advance… it is not a weakness… it is a weapon. When we glance the world from the side-lines as mute spectators, we are inadvertently ignored and forgotten; but soon comes a time to remind the world that in those moments of Silence, we are the ones who have actually seen it all, know it all and are now ready to say it all.

‘The Voices of Silence’ is an initiative to give a platform of unhindered expression to the independent writers and poets of India, and eventually the World. Each and every one is equally entitled to this platform so that one can fearlessly and seamlessly say it all.

The Idiosyncrasies of Life (2019)

‘The Idiosyncrasies of Life’, as the name suggests, compiles certain unforgettably strange as well as prominent experiences, imaginations and observations of mine in the form of rhymes, songs, essays and stories. The feelings of dissent, approval, frustration, helplessness, admiration and love are all extremely overwhelming as well as delicate; therefore, they always incite the most honest and raw forms of expressiveness in any given person. In my case, it has erratically switched from poetry to narrations to random scribbles. Travelling thousands of miles and meeting thousands of culturally-diversified people, I realised that no matter how different we are, at the end of the day there is a latent coherence in all our stories. I want to comprehend that coherence and perhaps help you do the same. I hope you appreciate my honesty.

Last but not least, I do not aim to offend any sect, culture, race, community, caste, gender, creed, region, Etcetera. I don’t believe in any man-made disparities and my judgement is completely based on my opinion of what I perceive as right or wrong. Hope you have a nice read.

Krikos (2017)

Krikos (2017)

I opened my eyes and saw walls all around. The symbolism of a restriction… of a limit. The stereotypes were formed. The Universalities were decided, yet it could never be known that the only thing universal is eternity. There is no known limit to thought. Therefore, one particular day… I didn’t just open my eyes. I woke up…. and I saw nothing. Because when you see ‘nothing’ … then only can you create ‘anything’. I didn’t go by the stereotypes. I didn’t follow the norms. Novelty is a direct aftermath of Idiosyncrasy. The idiosyncrasy of thought that is. The majesty and impeccability of this novelty can be compensated only by this Vertical Horizon of thought.

Imagine yourself walking inside a vertical bicycle tyre tube. For you, the General horizon shall rise upwards. If two such tubes were attached perpendicularly and scaled to a hundred times larger than the Sun, with the radial hole inhabiting the Sun itself, then it forms the ‘Krikos’; And the horizon rising upwards will be the Vertical Horizon of Krikos.

‘Krikos: The Vertical Horizon’ is a science fiction novel comprising the various struggles of humanity in a futuristic idealistic environment. The basic interrogative is “When we have everything then would the urge to seek more die?” What when all that we have been working for, and moreover ‘living’ for, has been achieved? Man has always thrived on his strive to prove his self-importance. Will this make man succumb to the archaic irrationalities to generate this so-called ‘Purpose for Existence’?

In this book, two stories run alternatively in parallel, chronologically a millennium apart from each other. The first, that is the ‘Diaries of Flex’, is the story of the creation of the Krikos along with the plethora of conundrums and secrets involved. The second story, that is ‘Into the Dimension’ is the current scenario of the Krikos which is drifting rapidly through the corners of the Milky Way and exploring its different ends a thousand years after the events of the ‘Diaries of Flex’.

Can the anthropocentric man combat his basic urge to explore… his basic need to know more? The gravity of this query intensifies when man came across another intelligent organism.

‘Krikos: The Vertical Horizon’ contests many such queries and provides possible answers to all of them. But the answer doesn’t always mean a solution.


DEV (2020)

DEV (2020)

There are stories prevalent in the world that we often perceive as incredible, crediting their sheer magnificence in doing so. But are they really mere tales of fiction? Or are we the ones being incredulous? Pragmatism has shaped the contemporary sceptic residing in our hearts to scrutinise everything we are told. But, living in a world that is millennia apart from the one narrated in those stories, can we actually know the truth? What if they were real? This very interrogative opens innumerable gates of imagination to explore.

Lastly, time seems to incessantly amplify the distance between the past and the future. But, someday, there will be something that shall overcome the persistence of time and remove that distance altogether.

This book will take you on a journey of one such ‘what if’. One of the greatest epics to be ever written in the World has been re-imagined. Utilising a little creative freedom, this book narrates the story from the perspective of one of the smallest characters of the said Epic. One would wonder how such a person whose role in the story was so tiny and often overlooked, would play such a significant protagonist in this alternative outlook.

The Mangoman (2016)

The Mangoman (2016)

The impossible of Yesterday is the Science of Today. The Digital Media has unified and enlightened the world to an unimaginable extent. Even Modern Politics is monopolized on the power of digitization. But the age-old classical methodologies of ‘Divide and Rule’ remain intact. Polarization has been the key to the task and venture of winning the people. Take a bunch of people and make them realize their specific pitiable conditions in contrast to some other segments of society, they will empathize and succumb to your leadership. The world is now at a stage where there is a need for a true leader, who preaches unification over division, who holds the virtue of service high above the sin of domination. We need that one Ideal Hero possessing the virtues of the comic Super Hero.

You make a poker face when you see a cat being saved from a tree by a superhero, don’t you? Let me ask you. What would you do if you were given the chance to gain the superpower of your choice for an hour? If I say that you can use it every day for an hour, then what? For how long would it drive an emergent stimulus to take a stand against the evil? For how long would it seem more predominant than meeting your partner, having a cup of coffee, eating a pizza, sleeping or hanging out with your friends. The adolescent mimic, the young braggart, the middle-aged avenger, the old anguished, which one would use it for some selfless good? Let’s witness and watch these questions being passively imposed upon one Oday (pronounced Udai).

Oday is the silver-spoon fed  son of a corrupt politician. All he has so far witnessed and known in life is the wrong. When an old blind lady wants to cross the road but is unable to, Oday would be the last one to help her. In fact, Oday would overlook her existence altogether. Moreover, Oday would never be out on the road to see her attempt to cross the road. He would rather be inside an air-conditioned velvet-interior car. One day, God decides to grant him with the very power mentioned above (for specific reasons). The very first thing which comes to your mind is “I was a better choice than him”. Apparently, anyone is a better choice than him. But is it so?

‘The Mangoman’ is a political satire, where the untoward and comical amalgamation of modern Indian politics with a superhero story, takes a critical turn. The hero with a common persona yet a special aura, only that hero can change the world. And the world is in a definite need of a prominent change. It needs a leader with only needs and no wants. Can Oday be the Leader? Can he become The Mangoman?

Let Them Burn

Let Them Burn

When the axioms were all blue but all be gone.
It was dark in time; Fidelity had yet not formed.

When time’s across a distance all apart;
It is all just wailing.
We fall on the holy earth and depart;
The faith all trailing.

The creator, the forgiver,
We pray thee in our minds.
Absolve us of the gallows,
Galacta has us in binds.

We raise our hands held all too still;
From her shall we learn.
That faith acquaints us not to kill,
Just let them burn!

Time halts for the time when they shall rise;
Krikos, the inferno to nature’s demise.

In flesh Kronos shall ‘guise again;
What’s said is done.
We will fight and we shall bear the pain;
Till we have won.

It’s war, it’s destruction.
It is the eternal wrath.
But we want salvation
Galacta shows us the path.
We raise our hands held all too still;
From her shall we learn,
That faith acquaints us not to kill,
But to let them burn!

Tears of Eternity

Tears of Eternity

Across the valleys of the old,
Lies what the sol clusters may unfold.
Of lost worth of time,
The faint divulgence of prime.
The lost segments shall gather,
All in the name of Her.
The acute rivers shall stand alone,
The blind oceans shall be gone.
When the rain stops to fall
And the sun halts to rise.
The holes in the memory shall be one,
For it has all begun.

The word is now heard.
The song is now sung.
What we see now,
Is what we saw then.
We fall out of the clouds.
We fall out of the sky.
We face our holy fate,
In Her name, we shall cry.

We rise again to the land.
The tears of the sea and sand,
Leads us back to the marvels.
The winds curve and the land freckles.
Kronos shall choose the one who Is able,
For none Is an ace and none Is a rebel.
The end of destiny,
The morrow of fate.
Rise the heroes of the slate.
Forged in the fires of hell,
For the blades, they tell;
A tale of the birth of the one,
Whom fate commands to kill the Krydon.

The skies Are now dark,
The rivers no more blue.
Fate commands no more.
She told us what to do.
Time has now stopped,
For we shall now divide.
We shall not see the dawn till they all die.

Across the valleys of the old,
Lies what the sol clusters may unfold…
The Tears of Eternity.
The Tears of Eternity.

The Mirrors… The Shadows.

The Mirrors… The Shadows.

Science the terminus of knowledge,
within its walls it’s all beheld.
The civility … denied… on the edge!!
The tears that cry what we felt.
Their time is our enemy,
ours is just a leap,
and it unfolds for none but villainy.
Here we stand and weep.
They think the earth is changing,
so are all the stars.
“The fires are yet everlasting”
Galacta … to the Universe!
“Why care for nature when we can make our own?”
They ask to the sublimes of stars.

Their lies are their truths.
Their truths are merely weak;
It confluences the mind to a labyrinth;
What to see, what to seek.
Time will oppose itself,
For now, we take a stand;
We call out to our brothers,
“Submerge them in the sea and the sand.”

Submerge their pillars, is what we do,
Submerge their time, is what we say,
Submerge their axioms for they are false,
Submerge the Shadows,