Bright, blue and alone,
I lay in my wayward bed;
Recalling times past and gone.
The eyes… the insomniac red.
There I pick up the phone,
There the voice so heavenly.
I start in a wishful tone
“Memories never keep you lonely.”

“Life couldn’t be stranger!”
The words which came to my lips.
“I thought I was a lone ranger,
Now her number is on my finger-tips.”
I recalled when it all started
Like a romantic Young and Tender.
I got up and humbly stated
“It was the Third of November.”

The majestic festival of lights,
It made me very keen.
I guess I had ample rights;
As such the intent was clean.
Thus, I left a greeting message.
Unexpected was the reply.
So there I mustered the courage,
“I don’t talk to girls, but let’s try.”

Soon came the fateful day,
When I heard that beautiful voice.
My conscious lost its way;
It had but no other choice.
The talks became a regularity,
With them I soon evolved.
I felt there was some parity,
Some equation unsolved.

There was that sweet innocence,
The loneliness deep within;
A necessary nonchalance
Held by walls so very thin.
I’d known your need to express;
Your need to break those walls.
Although you spoke very less,
It was the best phase of those calls.

Soon I then realized.
I startled in all of hush.
It came as a real surprise
When I told you about the ‘crush’.
Then you soon reciprocated
On that cold winter night.
But I am really ill-fated
For my sister’s cameo was a fright.

I left thoughts outstanding,
Feelings partially conveyed.
For my ignorance withstanding
Had my exuberance fully razed.
The worst mistake of my life
Was not to continue that conversation.
I still regret my inner strife
For the advent of the ‘innocent’ was a bad sensation.

Three weeks of social isolation
Brought this curse upon me.
It was obviously an idiotic decision
So I accepted my fate solemnly.
But you suddenly called one day
And with that voice of an angel
“I missed you” is what you say
And put me in a life-threatening danger.

For my heart had nearly stopped,
My arms and feet all numb.
I believe I could’ve hopped
But I stood there all so dumb.
I still couldn’t openly tell
About the song I wrote for you.
I sang it in the school farewell,
Though the context touched a very few.

It encircled the colorful laughter
Trapped in my brain, in a file.
But had been expressed thereafter
Christened as ‘The Rainbow Smile’.
Then came your birthday.
My schedule was a little tight.
Chemistry was like my doomsday
Yet I called at twelve in the night.

So came the voice again,
Held my words in a clutch.
I was bound in a formal chain.
Her day demanded at least this much.
My shattered hope revived
When you wrote that poem for me.
“I have somehow survived
But this can’t go on for eternity.”

I planned my trip to your city,
But sadly you broke your hand.
I was fully dissolved in pity
And I had to cancel my plan.

So I lay in my wayward bed.
Months have gone by now,
Words I wish I’d said
Or could still say… somehow.
I got up as for a battle.
Like a Spartan ready to brawl.
“This time I won’t just babble.
I would say… Say it all.”

I sent a message very long
Ignoring opposition within.
“This time there won’t be any song.
Simple and Honest… Or Nothing.”
In short I said ‘I love you’
And there you pondered confirming.
“Yes I said I love you”
The shortened form of the affirming.

I took a heavy sigh
Like tons were off my chest.
I didn’t seek a reply.
Expression itself was a test.
I don’t seek your love,
For it is all yours to give.
I don’t seek your time,
You have your life to live.

Being you is difficult
I really do understand.
I won’t be the stereotypical
Rather lend you a helping hand.

This is a story in rhyme.
I won’t call it a love poem.
For ‘Love knows no binds’
Said by… an intelligent someone.

Rest of it you already know
So Yes I hereby finally conclude.
“Whatever I am, wherever I go…
I can just say… I’d always Love You.”

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