Let Them Burn

Let Them Burn

When the axioms were all blue but all be gone.
It was dark in time; Fidelity had yet not formed.

When time’s across a distance all apart;
It is all just wailing.
We fall on the holy earth and depart;
The faith all trailing.

The creator, the forgiver,
We pray thee in our minds.
Absolve us of the gallows,
Galacta has us in binds.

We raise our hands held all too still;
From her shall we learn.
That faith acquaints us not to kill,
Just let them burn!

Time halts for the time when they shall rise;
Krikos, the inferno to nature’s demise.

In flesh Kronos shall ‘guise again;
What’s said is done.
We will fight and we shall bear the pain;
Till we have won.

It’s war, it’s destruction.
It is the eternal wrath.
But we want salvation
Galacta shows us the path.
We raise our hands held all too still;
From her shall we learn,
That faith acquaints us not to kill,
But to let them burn!

Tears of Eternity

Tears of Eternity

Across the valleys of the old,
Lies what the sol clusters may unfold.
Of lost worth of time,
The faint divulgence of prime.
The lost segments shall gather,
All in the name of Her.
The acute rivers shall stand alone,
The blind oceans shall be gone.
When the rain stops to fall
And the sun halts to rise.
The holes in the memory shall be one,
For it has all begun.

The word is now heard.
The song is now sung.
What we see now,
Is what we saw then.
We fall out of the clouds.
We fall out of the sky.
We face our holy fate,
In Her name, we shall cry.

We rise again to the land.
The tears of the sea and sand,
Leads us back to the marvels.
The winds curve and the land freckles.
Kronos shall choose the one who Is able,
For none Is an ace and none Is a rebel.
The end of destiny,
The morrow of fate.
Rise the heroes of the slate.
Forged in the fires of hell,
For the blades, they tell;
A tale of the birth of the one,
Whom fate commands to kill the Krydon.

The skies Are now dark,
The rivers no more blue.
Fate commands no more.
She told us what to do.
Time has now stopped,
For we shall now divide.
We shall not see the dawn till they all die.

Across the valleys of the old,
Lies what the sol clusters may unfold…
The Tears of Eternity.
The Tears of Eternity.

The Mirrors… The Shadows.

The Mirrors… The Shadows.

Science the terminus of knowledge,
within its walls it’s all beheld.
The civility … denied… on the edge!!
The tears that cry what we felt.
Their time is our enemy,
ours is just a leap,
and it unfolds for none but villainy.
Here we stand and weep.
They think the earth is changing,
so are all the stars.
“The fires are yet everlasting”
Galacta … to the Universe!
“Why care for nature when we can make our own?”
They ask to the sublimes of stars.

Their lies are their truths.
Their truths are merely weak;
It confluences the mind to a labyrinth;
What to see, what to seek.
Time will oppose itself,
For now, we take a stand;
We call out to our brothers,
“Submerge them in the sea and the sand.”

Submerge their pillars, is what we do,
Submerge their time, is what we say,
Submerge their axioms for they are false,
Submerge the Shadows,

Forever Shall it Reign

Forever Shall it Reign

Forever shall it reign,
The majesty of Stillness.
The guidance shall we put to test.
In the deliverance, we may take no rest.
That even the stars gaze and call,
‘What is Stillness?’
That the Universe may gaze and call,
‘What is Stillness?’
But what is Stillness?

The answers they seek they shall never find.
For the answers are instilled by the divine,
Inside of their own existence,
Inside of their own creation.

The answers illuminate yet are not illuminants,
For darkness has Still and Still has light.
The Cycle shall be seen again.
The Cycle of Stillness, that of the Universe.
The light shall be doomed to darkness,
The darkness shall form the eternal Exile.
But the Exile must end.
And the end shall be brought by a new beginning,
A new light.
And this light is not of Stillness,
yet emerges for it.
For the light is the one not seen,
The one not shown.

There is no end for there was no beginning,
The end brought by change.
This is eternal Stillness.
Hidden in the ‘was’, the ‘is’ and the ‘will be’,
The one without an end, without a change,
The majesty of Stillness,
Forever shall it reign.

The End Of The Change

The End Of The Change

They climb atop
The Hills of time,
To see the distant view,
Of clarity sublime.
Of orders, reborn.
And civilisations asunder,
With dreams fickle as husks of corn.

“The foes of Kronos
Shall perish with him,
Replaced by sweet Stillness
The end of the change.”

A universe ravaged by
Scores of stars,
Will soon depart
In endless gloom,
Like outward Mars.
Galacta of old,
Hear her speak,
Her words engraved in gold.

“The foes of Kronos
Shall perish with him,
Replaced by sweet Stillness
The end of the change.”

“Await, in the world forgone”
Says she who knows;
“Awake, to the crisp of dawn”
In the starless night of late.
To entropy, we shall pray,
May he deliver us from our fate.

“The foes of Kronos
Shall perish with him,
Replaced by sweet Stillness
The end is the change.”

Freckles of Love

Freckles of Love

Another morning came by,
My friends loitering around.
Faked the perfect sleep,
Interrupted by their sound.
Couldn’t dare to nap.
Fear the dreams, I always will.
‘Look in my dreams and you shall find,
Freckles of Love, Still.’
Confused at work thereafter,
Mixing up in directions.
I want to tell their laughter,
It is not the brain that malfunctions.
Enraged when they called a shrink,
Got me that depression pill.
‘Look in my brain and you shall find,
Freckles of Love, Still.’
My vision’s sometimes distracted,
I look to the ceiling and the walls.
Snapped back by waving hands,
Or sometimes texts or calls.
A diverted attention gets rage,
Cursed in voices so darn shrill.
‘Look in my eyes and you shall find,
Freckles of Love, Still.’
A heart within my chest
Pains more with every beat.
How can something hurt so much,
Protected by that thick sheet?
My palm frequently clutches my chest,
Traversing my spine, a chill.
It is not a hole that can end me,
It is worse than what can kill.
Look in my heart, and you shall find
Freckles of love, still.
It was weak to start with,
It was always going downhill.
‘My ‘love’ was never mine’,
That’ll be the only phrase in my will.
But even then, if you don’t believe,
If you have blanks to fill…
Just look in my ashes… And you shall find,
Freckles of Love, Still…

Smile and Laughter

Smile and Laughter

My friends stood at the door,
Being the usual hooligans.
Yet, ever innovative,
With new sarcasms and puns.

I laughed and laughed out loud;
A cycle which repeats the same.
Recovered when one of us all
Cracked a joke very lame.

Silence overtook the giggles,
It was though gonna be more fun.
We collected all our nickels;
The day’s adventure had begun.

We rode across the city,
With fancy scenes and a tan.
The all-seeing vigour helped us,
To map the blocks without a plan.

Aimlessness being our passion,
Direction not our trend.
‘There shouldn’t be a destination,
The journey should never end.’
Pulling on each others’ legs,
Being both stupid and wise.
The day had seemingly ended,
But we could barely realise.

Energised to the core,
We throttled back to my place.
Who can actually refute
That the night is the best phase.

We always kept ‘sober’,
In its most literal sense.
Though, no detox could fix us.
Our ‘high’ was immune to cleanse.

Slapsticks from the past
Kept us light all night.
Jumpscares from classic horrors,
Added the much needed fright.

The day ended with the sun,
Saluting the dawn we went to sleep.
Waking up was never a good feeling,
Loneliness prevailed after the leap.

Yes they had already left.
I lay alone on the bed.
It seemed as if the joy was gone;
Very much like I was dead.

Many a year thence.
Scirbbling away with my pen.
Recalling times with the boys,
Who now have become men.

Remembering queries forgotten,
Within the memory hike.
Why are smiles different?
Isn’t the emotion alike?

We could never see it coming.
The end was ought to arrive.
The laughters became eternal,
Made me feel more alive.

I do this every other day-
Going down the memory trace.
Howsoever bad is any day,
A smile always covers my face.

I know now after travelling
Lonely, Sleepless miles-
A day’s worth of laughter,
Can bring a life worth of smiles.

Politics and the Intellectuals

Politics and the Intellectuals

The following article does not represent any political bias or promote any political or socio-political propaganda. It is just a neutral glance at the idiosyncratic, ever-evolving political affairs of the largest democracy of the world, India.

India… 15th August 1947. It reminds us of the unforgettable opening address by the first Prime Minister right after he was handed the democratic authority over the new sovereign power. Visualizing the era as the hypothetical third-person observer, we find ourselves in the midst of intense political ardour. Especially within the vehement youth of the nation. Ignoring the communal idiocies on either side of the fresh border, both India and Pakistan showed signs of umpteen dedication to the cause of their respective motherlands. The youth scouted or rather hounded after the newspapers to find incidents and happenings which could have intrigued their interests. Everything started coming with an Indian tag and an Indian flag. This added to the zeal. The diverse ages coalesced to form the core molecules constituting the emergent republic called India.

Back in those golden days, the whole of the country eagerly waited for their founding principles, all combined into one Constitution. Good or Bad, people had opinions. Criticism is always better than ignorance. We were adamant on improving the existing system, even if our alternate theories weren’t efficient still. Over the due course of development and the iterated predominance of the bourgeois in India, we slowly drifted away from what formed our primary purpose of existence, viz. a better nation.

India is often referred to as a ‘One big family of cultures and traditions’. A ‘Unity in Diversity’. ‘Family First’ has always been the inherent traditional policy of India; and soon, the country’s prominence in our families became evanescent. It wasn’t a fault on anyone’s part. Thinking of one’s own bloodline and family is one’s birthright. The private social and economic issues preponderated over the larger ones. The demographically and the geographically huge nation had never experienced the need for so much self-sufficiency without an imperialistic power or an autocratic monarchy looking to its functioning. The free man had a plethora to explore and hence the political vigour had faded in the late 20th century. The voting population had reduced drastically. People did still contribute, rather majorly, to the country’s advancement- as an engineer, as a doctor, as a lawyer, as an administrative officer, as a scientist, as a farmer, Etcetera. Politics became the least aspired and the most despised occupation. Even the common critique became ignorant of the Political section of the newspaper. The Indian philosophy of ‘Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise’ came to function. There were a few emergent incidents involving the entire nation, but the then concentrated and crude political hierarchy indirectly curbed them. The fear of the obscure politics ingrained a basic conclusion in our minds…’Politics is a dirty business’.

The country dynamically-developed following the same static of political ignorance. We achieved marvellous feats on the international forum, across all fields of Agriculture to Space-Tech. Assuming the dramatic façade, we might say that there came that one fine day when the renaissance happened; but it isn’t so. Over the years of unawareness, we realized how detached we are from the Unit called Nation. The realization was latent, unintentional, and happened over a long period of time. The reappearance of the critics reflected a bright light on their importance for the country’s functioning. ‘Incapability’ was the precipitate of ‘Not Knowing’, and we had realized that. We discerned our infinite capability in our area of knowledge. Thus came the advent of the ‘Right to Information’. We collectively formulated a few principles for the transparent functioning of our nation. We wanted to be aware and not just ‘let it be’. The citizen, once again, wanted to form the constructive units of the nation over being just the spectating subject. We wanted to influence, to cause, to save, to achieve and to build a greater Nation than India already was.

In the past ten years, the politically-aware population of India has increased in geometric progression. The minutest example can be seen in the 2014 central elections, where there was the largest ever voter turn-out of more than 66%; and also in every commoner being aware of their ministers and their educational background. Negative incidents, not to mention any, do take place. But they just go to show the willingness of everybody to present their ideologies on the political front. To care enough to conjure up failing plans is still better than ignoring the situation altogether.

It is difficult to match the initial momentum of Indian Politics. The leadership and youth of the new India had faced challenges on a scale unimaginable to the Indian of today. The circumstances had trained them to fulfil the needs of the young nation. Politics, for the new India, was a religion bigger than anything else. The thought of building a novel and great nation was prevalent everywhere. In the fast and tiring era of today, it is difficult to gain that impetus again. Yet, the drive we have gained in the last decade is commendable and should not be condescended upon in contrast with that of the past. We have all somewhat managed to create and administer a system of oscillation between the private and the public. Even if in small amounts, the most ignorant of citizens now give a heed to the affairs of the nation. On a relative scale of time and circumstances, it can be very well said that the Indian of today reflects the revolutionary Indian of the past, that is the one from the adolescent ages of the country who was willing to nurture it into the country it is today and the country it’d be tomorrow. Thus… the India of today… is a yet again emerging India… a significant India… an aware India… a new India.

The Indian Entrepreneur

The Indian Entrepreneur

India, a great country indeed. But the diverse cultural paragons and the underlying commandments are often subject to criticism when it comes to the issue of development and progress. Sadly, Indians constitute the majority of these sceptics. The confounded mind of the common Indian leads to the paradox of what exactly to call ‘right’. We are all helplessly stuck in between the Utopian and the Contemporary. But, how does that affect the life and choices of the Indian Entrepreneur? The straightforward consensus would be that ‘It is difficult to be an entrepreneur in India’. Yes, indeed, it is! Yet, we manage. Let’s see how.

‘What is an Indian Entrepreneur?’ Firstly, the foundations and principles of our forefathers imply an imperative rule of settling down in our mid-20s. This is where the primary obstacle gets implanted. From the birth of the child, every parent/guardian inadvertently fantasizes a well-settled daughter/son, rooting out all the risks and uncertainties.  The universal catalyst of the inadvertently patriarchal society is the universal Sharmaji Ka Ladka, who tops his IAS interviews, marries a housewife Miss. India and gives birth to Abraham Khan whose dancing is only amusing for the neighbours till he is 10 and after that, it becomes an academic distraction. Yes, this robotic program-code finds an exemplary position for all genders of the Indian Masses. This instills fear in the Indian mind.

 From the beginning, we are provided ultimate security by our parents who make the most ‘convenient’ choices for us. We hardly see struggle, till we are let off for higher studies. Then the real tussle starts. To make choices without a navigating mentor, it is much more difficult than one can imagine. We can basically contrast an Indian Entrepreneur against one from the west in one simple mathematics analogy. A western innovator doesn’t fear the complex mathematical problem. He arrives at the solution and patiently awaits the corroboration. We, on the other hand, prefer the ‘Prove That’ part of the paper. We need answers and directions before we take our first step. Yes, uncertainty is what we fear the most. But, the fear doesn’t stay long. We eventually evolve and that fear formulates the most concrete of all defenses. Caution!!!

 It is known to the world, the deft of Indian Cautiousness. One of the few places on Earth where we have to oscillate our necks up, down, left and right before crossing a road. When an Indian stands at the doorstep of innovation, the caution tries to pull him back to the clerical world. But, as soon as he takes that step towards infinity, that caution builds his resolve and bolsters his decisions.

It becomes even more difficult after that first step. ‘What is a start-up?’ is an interrogative which is harder to explain to our financial institutions than our parents. The fear of uncertainty still loiters inside our minds and the very first of noes dishearten us. We can never get used to the Noes. There are no algorithms and cooking guides to being an entrepreneur. We would always hear noes. We would always fail. Some say that the lack of fear in the western counterparts make them the better entrepreneur. No… It isn’t that simple. For the Indian restless mind, which seeks perfection and nothing less, even a half-hearted yes is not a success. That is why there is the phenomenon of negative reinforcement, and we Indians unintentionally exploit it the most. We get a boost from our failures. It carves our success, slowly and slowly. We haven’t taken the first step just like when we had picked up a guitar to be the ‘new cool’. We have given it our all. So when we achieve success, no matter how long it takes, it is impeccable.

So much self-judgement and skepticism; All the fantasies of parents and a probable peaceful life on the line; So much uncertainty, fear and caution; And the insomniac subject trying to defy or exploit all the odds to his own ends- the out-product is not a normal entrepreneur. It is an India Entrepreneur- One made of steel.

No Offence

No Offence


The basic conspicuous disparity that contrasts humans from other species is their ability to have diverse forms of momentary feelings and emotions. A dog loves its master and shall continue to do so till the end of its life. But we, as humans, keep developing on our latent and existing emotions every second. We might hate someone. But we might end up loving him if he miraculously transforms and successfully impresses us. This is because of our intelligent conscience. Something which, as of yet, has merely been observed amongst humans and species of folklore and myths. The unique competitiveness of humans has had them develop a strange emotion… that is to be personally and non-physically ‘offended’.

Offence-Initially described as to strike or take the first step against competition or opposition. But nowadays it has become an object of self-esteem and pride… “Wrong as per my judgement” we say. “I am OFFENDED…” we conclude. Offence is one of many universal traits amongst us which in the third person we perceive as immature, and in the first, it becomes morally the most ethical thing. It is anything but immature. Immature behaviour is always correlated to our primal instincts. Maturity is subjectively increasing every decade. Hence, our primal or animal or basic instincts can be logically termed as immature. Offence is an advanced and contemporary emotion. It is increasing by the day. Hence we can rightly and euphemistically call it super-maturity…and the offended… the super-mature.

The primary reason for getting offended, contrary to what most believe, is not dislike. We LIKE getting offended. The need to be contradicted and get the sole opportunity to refute and display our red-faced so-called distress, it is what ‘offends’ us. We want someone to question our veracity. Every Theist wants to tell them all the address of God. And every atheist looks for the one opportunity to throw in the pragmatism. To be more than the surroundings is the nature of us beings. We are so afraid of being lesser than the other that we latently sediment whatever they perceive. Every religion originally had better things to do than just surface up when somebody questions it. How often do you hear Temples and Mosques doing donations or uplifting the poor? But every now and then you hear Arnab shouting on the ‘Sanctum-Sanctorum’ and the ‘Fatwas’. Maybe the media shows us only the wrong. But that proves it further. We want to be offended. We love to notice the wrong and totally judge it. It helps make us feel important. Yes… it does. (For all those who are going to be OFFENDED after reading this paragraph and are going to come up with the ‘Rapists offend us’ argument… That argument is all genuine worry. And worry requires for action. Not being offended.)

Being offended gets a boost from Bollywood as well. Salman Khan bashing a guy for touching his collar, the famous “Jaykant Shikhre ka Ego”, Etcetera. These all sound so cool, don’t they? Let me tell you what I experienced in college a few days ago. I was casually walking with my friends in the canteen when a few mistaken backward steps caused a guy’s foot to almost be squashed by my shoes. It is always painful. But from his reaction, it seemed like he had a near death experience. I immediately apologised. He turned and retorted “I said once to be careful… you repeated it twice… you blind fellow…”. He said it in such a confident and programmed dialect as if he had been waiting there at that spot for me to come and step on his foot. I apologised again, as was implied by my friends’ expressions but also honestly remarked “I just stepped once… not twice”. This time, he turned around furious. At that time, I hadn’t realized that I had inadvertently called a random person ‘Wrong’. He was now OFFENDED. He looked eager to have a go at me. I gave a smile, apologised and shook his hand. His expressions changed. I said “It was unintentional… Don’t be offended…” He then, for the first time that day, started looking non-villainous to me. I there and then realized. He was not a bad guy or a bully or whatever people might think. He had just not been offended as much in a long time. Yes… this a true story.

So, we come to a short and cute conclusion. Offence is something you cannot avoid. Yoga brings in Tantra, Medicine brings in hormones and religion brings in mantra. Yet, there has been no definite speculation of human behaviour. We are all different… but still the same. We are building perspectives every second and even destroying the old ones. So… after reading this I am sure you must have understood what I wanted to tell you. If you haven’t then let me tell you I don’t like alternate opinions. Nah… just kidding. Say whatever you want to. I am open to opinions. But yes… Try… not to get offended.