The basic conspicuous disparity that contrasts humans from other species is their ability to have diverse forms of momentary feelings and emotions. A dog loves its master and shall continue to do so till the end of its life. But we, as humans, keep developing on our latent and existing emotions every second. We might hate someone. But we might end up loving him if he miraculously transforms and successfully impresses us. This is because of our intelligent conscience. Something which, as of yet, has merely been observed amongst humans and species of folklore and myths. The unique competitiveness of humans has had them develop a strange emotion… that is to be personally and non-physically ‘offended’.

Offence-Initially described as to strike or take the first step against competition or opposition. But nowadays it has become an object of self-esteem and pride… “Wrong as per my judgement” we say. “I am OFFENDED…” we conclude. Offence is one of many universal traits amongst us which in the third person we perceive as immature, and in the first, it becomes morally the most ethical thing. It is anything but immature. Immature behaviour is always correlated to our primal instincts. Maturity is subjectively increasing every decade. Hence, our primal or animal or basic instincts can be logically termed as immature. Offence is an advanced and contemporary emotion. It is increasing by the day. Hence we can rightly and euphemistically call it super-maturity…and the offended… the super-mature.

The primary reason for getting offended, contrary to what most believe, is not dislike. We LIKE getting offended. The need to be contradicted and get the sole opportunity to refute and display our red-faced so-called distress, it is what ‘offends’ us. We want someone to question our veracity. Every Theist wants to tell them all the address of God. And every atheist looks for the one opportunity to throw in the pragmatism. To be more than the surroundings is the nature of us beings. We are so afraid of being lesser than the other that we latently sediment whatever they perceive. Every religion originally had better things to do than just surface up when somebody questions it. How often do you hear Temples and Mosques doing donations or uplifting the poor? But every now and then you hear Arnab shouting on the ‘Sanctum-Sanctorum’ and the ‘Fatwas’. Maybe the media shows us only the wrong. But that proves it further. We want to be offended. We love to notice the wrong and totally judge it. It helps make us feel important. Yes… it does. (For all those who are going to be OFFENDED after reading this paragraph and are going to come up with the ‘Rapists offend us’ argument… That argument is all genuine worry. And worry requires for action. Not being offended.)

Being offended gets a boost from Bollywood as well. Salman Khan bashing a guy for touching his collar, the famous “Jaykant Shikhre ka Ego”, Etcetera. These all sound so cool, don’t they? Let me tell you what I experienced in college a few days ago. I was casually walking with my friends in the canteen when a few mistaken backward steps caused a guy’s foot to almost be squashed by my shoes. It is always painful. But from his reaction, it seemed like he had a near death experience. I immediately apologised. He turned and retorted “I said once to be careful… you repeated it twice… you blind fellow…”. He said it in such a confident and programmed dialect as if he had been waiting there at that spot for me to come and step on his foot. I apologised again, as was implied by my friends’ expressions but also honestly remarked “I just stepped once… not twice”. This time, he turned around furious. At that time, I hadn’t realized that I had inadvertently called a random person ‘Wrong’. He was now OFFENDED. He looked eager to have a go at me. I gave a smile, apologised and shook his hand. His expressions changed. I said “It was unintentional… Don’t be offended…” He then, for the first time that day, started looking non-villainous to me. I there and then realized. He was not a bad guy or a bully or whatever people might think. He had just not been offended as much in a long time. Yes… this a true story.

So, we come to a short and cute conclusion. Offence is something you cannot avoid. Yoga brings in Tantra, Medicine brings in hormones and religion brings in mantra. Yet, there has been no definite speculation of human behaviour. We are all different… but still the same. We are building perspectives every second and even destroying the old ones. So… after reading this I am sure you must have understood what I wanted to tell you. If you haven’t then let me tell you I don’t like alternate opinions. Nah… just kidding. Say whatever you want to. I am open to opinions. But yes… Try… not to get offended.

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