The Following poem is dedicated to the brave and beautiful children fighting for their lives against a terminal illness.
Wake up, O’ my little one,
A new dawn awaits your presence;
Come out and greet the Sun,
See the light in all its essence.

Yesterday, you won the battle,
Today, there is yet another;
Don’t let your will unsettle,
We shall fight all the odds together.

That dream you saw in your sleep,
I know it is still no different;
In your conscious, you’ve hidden it deep,
Yet it seems to be so recurrent.

Why do you resist it so much?
Why does it seem outlandish?
Don’t let it ever forsake your clutch;
The whole Universe rests on your wish.

Unchain your dream from the grief,
No matter how sharp is the rising slope;
Climb up to the beacon of belief,
And unveil the illumination of hope.

Let us know your dream and fantasy,
And we shall not let them ever perish;
Let us all take their responsibility,
And you fearlessly just make a wish.

Make a Wish and see it come true.
Make a Wish that you always dreamt.
On the dullest day, In the darkest blue…
Make a Wish, ‘Cause it’s not the end.

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