God? What….Who…..Why…. Oh!!! The ‘Why’s… The stingy endless interrogatives. There are infinite answers to them… We all know the typical “Ultimate Power” and the “Holy Creator”. More like excuses put forward in hasty ignorance than actual answers. Why don’t we have answers? It’s not like we can’t find answers. We always choose not to. Some may now say that “Denial of the heavenly is Denial of your existence”… Yes… I have had those too. We have become so afraid of going into the depth of this subject that we have even drafted those ‘holy’ manuscripts which ban us from even thinking about the requisites of such a subject. All we ever see is blind-followers who justify their stand by saying “Questioning him is his utmost humiliation”. Humiliation they say? Why can’t we know about him? Why are we just told to read and follow a set of principles and ideals boasted to have been said by him? There is a simple and easy answer to it. We all know of it very well… but we choose to ignore it to avoid damnation for being a skeptic… But before I tell you more about it, let us first understand the answer in its entirety. Let’s roll back a few centuries.

Musallam Imam or ‘The Absolute Faith’… Also known as Islam … it is one of the youngest and most prevalent faiths on the planet. To a common observer… Islam seems a very complicated religion. Seeing traditions of self-abnegation as well as a scheduled life of pestilence and meditation… leaves the observer more confounded than flabbergasted. All is done in the name of the God or ‘Allah’. But does one understand why is it being done? Does even the most dedicated Muslim understand why is he living such a life? Why are people being made to blindly follow certain principles in the name of Allah? Islam being the ripest faith gives us very vivid answers to such a question. The answers can be very well derived from the life of Prophet Muhammad. Being born and raised in Mecca… a city inhabited by the barbaric Arab Tribes… Muhammad only saw possibility for a change in every aspect of the society. A change directed towards betterment. But when he came to the forefront to illuminate the people about the prevalent wrongs… the ignorant mass outrageously denied his claims and banished him from the city. Recollecting lost hope, Muhammad reached another city haunted by the trivial barbarous Arabs that is Medina. After foreseeing no possibility of forging the Arabs into living the idealistic life he sought… Muhammad made one of the most advantageous uses of the ‘Fear of the Unknown’ latent within every human being. He collaborated all the principles into a single stream of thought and compiled a common ground of belief.  Thus the concept of ‘Allah’ was founded. (Don’t take me wrong? ‘Concept’ has been used to explain the general concept of God and not as an insult to believers. I am a Theist myself.) Prophet Muhammad simply thought a few things- How to remove illiteracy from the ignorant Tribes? How to bring them peace of mind? How to root out the sinner inside of them? And much more… The answer was ‘Allah’. If people won’t understand simple logic of righteousness then you use fear of the divine to compel them to be extrinsically righteous.  The “No Questions Asked” comes to the aid now. The Arabs, now consumed by this new and amusing path of God, followed the principles without question. The mandatory reading of the Quran spread Literacy and the timely reading of Namaz some five times a day meditated their mind. The restrictions imposed on them such as ‘No Intoxication’ preserved their health and the observation of fast during the months of Ramadan increased their tolerance. The motive was clear… to instill the path of righteousness amongst the degraded humans… and the path chosen was called ‘The Path of Allah’ or ‘Islam’.

Similarly every religion and conception of God has similar roots… Every religion was founded as a path to correct ourselves. But after the disruptions and distortions caused through time… the concept of the “Righteous-Path” has slowly disintegrated and the only aspect remaining is the “Blind-Faith” which should have been merely used as a primary temporary initiative to teach us the impact of the Faith. We have hardly learned what we should’ve learned some centuries ago. When that Blind-Faith meets the now prevalent Misinterpretations and Over-interpretations then it forms a vigorous exothermic reaction and we end up reverting whatever we worked for all these centuries.

Therefore Time and Again we must question God… What is he? Who is he? Why is he? Yes… Why… the most important question of all… It is impossible to know the true purpose behind our very own creation… but it is very easy to know the reason behind the existence of a God… and if we can do that then we can at least strengthen our power of reason. The power of reason which provides an eternal trust on one own self… and once that trust is built… only then can a man be ‘Self-Righteous’. Self-Righteousness… the greatest virtue of all… When every iota of your body supports your decision only then are you self-righteous… and such a self-righteous person will always be righteous. This is the path of ‘God’. Many might claim that God is the Creator/Destroyer/Preserver/Epitome of Knowledge/ etc… Such a God is just a misnomer. Theists and Atheists waste a lot of time justifying or denying these claims. We needn’t even know all of this…  The concept of God was introduced just to make us grasp a better way of life. But we have hammered that concept to grease our own ends. Although we have every means to learn the truth… but that age-old Ignorance still lives amongst us… We continue to do those evil-deeds… just the difference is that now we justify them through the concept of God which was made to quash them.

Human life is very short… sometimes being overly curious can waste a lot of our time. But that cannot justify ignorance… we need to know the basic difference between right and wrong… A man who might have read the Bhagvad Gita multiple times gets sentenced for Rape… one who recites Namaz five times a day is hung-to-death for killing hundreds of innocents. All of it is the aftermath of Ignorance and nothing else… If we don’t ignore the wrongs around us then we can easily understand this path of God… GOD… THE MYSTERY…. HUH? God is no Mystery… if we just learn from History….

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