The impossible of Yesterday is the Science of Today. The Digital Media has unified and enlightened the world to an unimaginable extent. Even Modern Politics is monopolized on the power of digitization. But the age-old classical methodologies of ‘Divide and Rule’ remain intact. Polarization has been the key to the task and venture of winning the people. Take a bunch of people and make them realize their specific pitiable conditions in contrast to some other segments of society, they will empathize and succumb to your leadership. The world is now at a stage where there is a need for a true leader, who preaches unification over division, who holds the virtue of service high above the sin of domination. We need that one Ideal Hero possessing the virtues of the comic Super Hero.

You make a poker face when you see a cat being saved from a tree by a superhero, don’t you? Let me ask you. What would you do if you were given the chance to gain the superpower of your choice for an hour? If I say that you can use it every day for an hour, then what? For how long would it drive an emergent stimulus to take a stand against the evil? For how long would it seem more predominant than meeting your partner, having a cup of coffee, eating a pizza, sleeping or hanging out with your friends. The adolescent mimic, the young braggart, the middle-aged avenger, the old anguished, which one would use it for some selfless good? Let’s witness and watch these questions being passively imposed upon one Oday (pronounced Udai).

Oday is the silver-spoon fed  son of a corrupt politician. All he has so far witnessed and known in life is the wrong. When an old blind lady wants to cross the road but is unable to, Oday would be the last one to help her. In fact, Oday would overlook her existence altogether. Moreover, Oday would never be out on the road to see her attempt to cross the road. He would rather be inside an air-conditioned velvet-interior car. One day, God decides to grant him with the very power mentioned above (for specific reasons). The very first thing which comes to your mind is “I was a better choice than him”. Apparently, anyone is a better choice than him. But is it so?

‘The Mangoman’ is a political satire, where the untoward and comical amalgamation of modern Indian politics with a superhero story, takes a critical turn. The hero with a common persona yet a special aura, only that hero can change the world. And the world is in a definite need of a prominent change. It needs a leader with only needs and no wants. Can Oday be the Leader? Can he become The Mangoman?

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