There are stories prevalent in the world that we often perceive as incredible, crediting their sheer magnificence in doing so. But are they really mere tales of fiction? Or are we the ones being incredulous? Pragmatism has shaped the contemporary sceptic residing in our hearts to scrutinise everything we are told. But, living in a world that is millennia apart from the one narrated in those stories, can we actually know the truth? What if they were real? This very interrogative opens innumerable gates of imagination to explore.

Lastly, time seems to incessantly amplify the distance between the past and the future. But, someday, there will be something that shall overcome the persistence of time and remove that distance altogether.

This book will take you on a journey of one such ‘what if’. One of the greatest epics to be ever written in the World has been re-imagined. Utilising a little creative freedom, this book narrates the story from the perspective of one of the smallest characters of the said Epic. One would wonder how such a person whose role in the story was so tiny and often overlooked, would play such a significant protagonist in this alternative outlook.

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